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Classical Symphonic Music - is a concept that characterizes and combines a wide range of musical forms and genres that have specific features, attributive properties and the most important internal qualities of symphony.
Although in most cases symphonic music is intended to be performed by a symphony orchestra, nevertheless, musical works written for any other compositions of performers can be symphonic in their ideological and substantive significance, the structure of shaping and the specificity of compositional development (up to the smallest ensembles), as well as for individual solo instruments (for example, in the case of organ symphonies) or (in the case of vocal symphonies) a cappella choirs.
On the other hand, not all music written or arranged for performance by a symphony orchestra is, by its intrinsic properties and qualities, a deliberately symphonic music.
The compositions that make up the vast repertoire of world symphonic music can include compositions of various forms and genres: symphonies, symphoniettes, overtures (including opera ones), suites (including ballet ones), concerts, symphonic poems, fantasies, rhapsodies , legends, capriccio, scherzo, various symphonic dances, variations, potpourri, etc.
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