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Symphonic Black Metal
Symphonic black metal is a type of black metal, which is characterized by the wide use of keyboard, ambient passages, sometimes orchestral arrangements and female vocals, while maintaining sufficient aggressiveness of sound. Often, such performers have an indifferent attitude to traditional black ideology. Groups playing in this style are usually commercially most successful. Today, the most famous symphonic black metal band is the Norwegian band Dimmu Borgir. The black tremolo, frequent blast beats, distorted guitars tuned for a monotonous "buzz" (but not always), however, remained. Screaming or growling is mainly used as vocals, but pure vocals can also be used (Dimmu Borgir, Shade Empire (third album)).

The founders of this style are considered to be the groups Arcturus and Emperor.
Symphonic black is often confused with melodic black and vice versa. Nevertheless, in symphonic black metal, a greater number of various classical musical instruments (live and synthesized) are used, including symphonic ones, while in melodic black there is only a pronounced melodicity of compositions still performed on electric guitars and percussion in the traditional way for extreme metal. Many groups combine the features of both genres, for example the later Dimmu Borgir, Rotting Christ, etc.
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