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Russian Chart
Russian POP Music -  is the collective name of popular musical production of Russian and Russian-language pop music from the CIS countries, the Baltic states, as well as foreign countries, in which songs are performed primarily in Russian, languages of the CIS countries, and also (less often) in other languages of the world. Foreigners from foreign countries who are unfamiliar with Russia and the USSR often do not distinguish between Soviet pop music, Russian pop music, Russian pop music, Russian-speaking pop music, although these concepts are not identical.

One of the main features of the Russian pop industry is the wide distribution of touring, as well as corporate concerts of performers in Russia and the CIS, due to the huge size of the country, and also due to the fact that due to the fairly widespread piracy, the profit from selling CDs does not reaches performers (which makes Russian pop industry similar, for example, to Arab pop music).
In various regions of Russia there are local communities of pop musicians performing pop music in the languages ​​of the peoples of Russia, such as Tatar, Bashkir, Chuvash, etc.

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