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Music for relaxation  - as well as meditative, is mainly instrumental. The concepts of "meditation" and "relaxation" as two sides of the same process. If meditation is similar to active work on one's own being, then relaxation resembles its passive phase. That is, we are talking about music that promotes mental and bodily relaxation. The most common applications of relaxation music are massage and SPA care. Music for relaxation is mostly calming, it is slow, usually filled with exotic musical sounds or sounds of nature, it can also contain vocals and recitations. Compositions can be thematic, for example, musical relaxation for massage, or sleep. But this is optional. Music is something very individual, and everyone chooses what is closer to him in a particular area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication.
The main purpose of music for relaxation is the musical arrangement for the relaxation process, whatever it may be. Music for relaxation is not relaxation itself, but only its musical accompaniment. There are no canons, there is no single musical format for such music.
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