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Psy Trance
A psychedelic trance, aka psitrans, aka psi-trance, aka psychedelic trance (saikidelic), aka psi (sai), (English psychedelic trance, psytrance ) is a direction in electronic music that separated from the goa trance in the mid-1990s.
The main elements of psi-trance and goa-trance culture coincide. To create them, the same equipment is used, concerts (parties, raves) are held according to similar schemes, fans of both genres are popularly called "transes", they have the same attributes: "acidic" colors and patterns, signs, etc.

The main difference, as the name implies, is the musical emphasis on “psychedelia,” while the central theme of Goa-trance is traditionally rhythm and dance. Psi-trance is subdivided into numerous additional genres aimed either at the “hard” side (dark psy), or at the “soft” side (psybient), or in all directions at once (suomisaundi). To date, the so-called “full-on” has become the most “mainstream”, which, as a rule, is built according to certain rhythmic rules, is quite harmonious and melodic and suits most lovers of the genre. Israeli musicians at the moment are probably the world's leading producers of this music, the most characteristic representative being Astrix, InterSys, Indra, Yahel, Sesto Sento, Skazi, Gataka (Astral Projection, moreover, is more likely to be related to goa trance). In addition to Israeli and Western European projects, collectives from countries such as Greece (Wizzy Noise, Ion) have also recently become popular. The Russian scene also plays a special role in the development of trance psychedelics in the world; the most prominent representatives are the projects: Kindzadza, Psykovsky, G-Light, Montti. Also, trance is represented in countries such as Ukraine (SynSUN], Zymosis), Serbia (Alternative Control), South Africa (Protoculture, en: Rinkadink, Artifakt), Mexico (Lamat), Brazil (Audio X, Aeon Pulse), Japan ( Ziki), Luxembourg (SonicVisions), etc.
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