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New Age
Enigmatic  - musical direction, a subgenre of New Age style.
In 1990, the band Enigma was born, created by Michel Cretu with his first album MCMXC a.D. Initially, the new style did not have a special name and it was called “progressive new age”, however, after the birth of the eRa and Gregorian projects, the name “enigmatic” became established among music critics.
"Enigmatics" is represented by the projects Enigma (the term came from this name), Era, Gregorian, Lesiem (creator of the Mystic Pop genre), Magna Canta. Among the performers should also be mentioned Amethystium, B-Tribe, Mythos, Quinn, Tya, etc.
In this musical direction, all the elements of new age music are used: ethno motives, church choral chants, sounds of nature, elements of opera singing, children's voices. Also in many compositions there are beautiful solo vocal parts and mystical texts. Often, the works have an unlikely sacred-psychedelic sound.
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