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Lounge,  (from the English lounge- “living room”, lounge music- “music for the hall”) - a term in popular music to mean light, background music, which was often often heard in the halls of hotels, shops, cafes, in elevators .
Unlike the more general term light music, the lounge is characterized by more jazz influence, chamberness and improvisation. Despite the fact that there is specially recorded music for such purposes, the term lounge covers a wide range of artists of various genres: from jazz and bossa nova to electronica. A common characteristic is light, soothing compositions. Literally, any musician playing for the public at restaurants and shops can be considered a lounge performer. In the US music industry, the so-called music of bachelor lounges intersects with the lounge, another format that has experimental kitsch artists.

In the 1990s, the lounge experienced a second popularity: due to the interest in retro-recordings, many collections with original lounge music of the 1950s and 1960s were released. At the same time, new ensembles arose, both cultivating the style of the traditional lounge (Combustible Edison, Hooverphonic, De-Phazz), and transferring the lounge's ideas to electronic music (Jaffa, Zimmer-G, Cafe del Mar collections, Hotel Costes collections).
In the 2000s, the lounge also remained popular, among the most famous include Lounge Against the Machine, Nouvelle Vague, Pink Martini, Lemongrass, Gabin.
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