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Calm relaxing music is the first, most familiar means that a person intuitively resorts to relieve stress or distract. This fact alone, that millions of people know about the wonderful properties of sounds to restore the balance of the body at the physical and mental levels, proves us the practical use of listening to music.
It has long been known that the function of music is not only entertaining, but also relaxing and therapeutic. As a result, listening to calm relaxing music is very useful for those people who for some reason are constantly experiencing stress.
The history of alternative medicine and occult practices has developed over several thousand years. Such ancient movements, successfully embodying the harmony of body and soul, could not go unnoticed by millions of practitioners and adherents of a healthy lifestyle. There are many different styles and directions of yoga, reiki and other teachings that help healing both spiritually and physically. Each of them has a number of features and nuances. Therefore, the question of whether to engage in silence or to the accompaniment of the corresponding melodies still remains open. One way or another, special compositions that allow you to tune in to the desired wave have become firmly established in the practice of these areas.
Among yogis there is an opinion that the musical scale corresponds to the elements of the chakra, therefore, merging into a melodic composition, the notes act on the energy centers of a person.

Music structures the processes of thinking and memory. Sounds interact with associative structures, "pulling" to the surface, into the mind, actual memories and experiences. Even what is difficult to call music is dissonance and frankly ugly, ugly melodies can affect memory and consciousness, and, consequently, have a beneficial effect on the general condition.
Sounds affect the psychoemotional state of a person more than you can imagine. Sound perception is one of the leading ways to obtain information from the outside. Through hearing, important data are received no less than through vision. Therefore, music therapy seems to be an important tool for regulating well-being and psychocorrection.
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