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Goa Trance
The name Goa trans appeared around 1994, and in 1996 was replaced by the term Psychedelic Trans. By 1996-1997, the trans movement reached its peak (many record labels, distributors, festivals). Mass information was aware of the appearance of this phenomenon, the first DJ stars appeared.
The Israeli trance scene achieved particular development, becoming the second homeland of trance. Israel has the largest number of people who prefer this style of music. The Israeli trance was distinguished by a special melodic sound and multi-level musical parts in the track. The most famous psytrance music projects in Israel are Astral Projection, Shiva Space Technology, Infected Mushroom, Analog Pussy.

Scandinavian trance music also came under the influence of change. One of the first musicians to take this path was Thomas Balitsky, better known as Atmos. After that, people started talking about the “Finnish Sound”, which at that time was distinguished by its dark atmosphere and very heavy sound. In 2002, melodious sounds returned to fashion again, but, nevertheless, they were already spared the "musical fuss" of 94-96 years. This direction is called Full-on, now it is one of the most popular. The first psychedelic trans tracks came from a combination of early Acid House, the strangest and most avant-garde music from around the world (especially Industrial) and classical Indian music (especially in its tonal and melodic structure). In this regard, it is important to note that Goa trance is not a direct descendant of the trance style, although their mutual influence is obvious.
You can identify several common points characteristic of a huge number of psychedelic trans tracks. However, these features alone are not enough to identify a piece of music as a psytrance track.
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