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Gangsta rap ( gangster rap) - a variation of the hip-hop style, the texts in which are devoted to the life of the criminal world of the ghetto.
The texts of gangsta rappers are devoted to hard life in black ghettos, including street hooliganism, robbery and drug trafficking. This is related to gangsta rap with a thieves song. The texts abundantly use obscene language and African American jargon. Many gangsta rap tracks were banned on radio and TV due to calls for violence, insults to the police and drug propaganda.

Defiant texts are a satire on modern society and an attempt to open the eyes of the townsfolk to youth problems: drug addiction, crime, police brutality.
Many of the founders of the gangsta were associated with the extremist black rights movement Black Panthers and other Black power organizations, or shared their views.
Gangsta rap was born on the streets of depressed and troubled black ghettos in Los Angeles. The founder of the genre is considered the rapper Ice-T. In the 82nd year on the track Cold Wind Madness, he first read about his hooligan youth, and in 1986 developed the theme in the famous track 6 in the Mornin '.
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