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Folk Rock
Folk Rock - is a musical genre that combines elements of folk and rock. In the initial and narrowest sense, the term "folk rock" refers to a genre formed in the USA and Great Britain in the mid-1960s. The pioneer of the genre is The Byrds from Los Angeles, which begins to perform traditional folk music and songs by Bob Dylan in typical rock instrumentation, heavily influenced by The Beatles and other British bands. The term "folk rock" first appeared in the American music press in June 1965 to describe the debut album of The Byrds. The Byrds band's cover version of Mr. Bob Dylan's Tambourine Man and her subsequent commercial success triggered a folk rock boom in the mid-1960s. Dylan himself also influenced the genre, in particular his recordings with electric rock band Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde on Blonde.

Dylan's performance at the Newport Folk Festival on July 25, 1965 with the support of an electric rock band is also considered a turning point in the development of folk rock.
This genre was preceded by an American folk revival, the beat music of The Beatles and other groups of the British invasion, the hit edition of the folk song The House of the Rising Sun by The Animals and the work of The Beau Brummels. In particular, the influence of folk music is evident in the songs of The Beatles I'm a Loser and You've Got to Hide Your Love Away, and their strong influence on folk rock. The repertoire of most folk rock artists includes both folk songs and songs by artists such as Dylan. The musical content of the style is expressed by a strong vocal component and, relatively, “clean” (without using various additional electronic effects and devices that distort the sound) approach to the use of electric guitars, such as the jangled sound of the 12-string guitar band The Byrds. A similar jungle sound arose in The Searchers 'music and The Beatles' recordings during 1964 and 1965, when George Harrison used the 12-string Rickenbacker guitar.
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