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European Folk
Folk music, musical folklore - musical and poetic creativity of the people, an integral part of folk creativity, which exists, as a rule, in oral form, transmitted from generation to generation. Since folk music is known to all socio-historical formations (both oral and written), it should be considered not only as a component of folk creativity, but also, in a broader sense, as a branch (root) of musical art. One of the main branches, which is usually compared to popular and academic music. There is also a definition of the term “folk music” - the traditional music of a single nation or culture.  Folk music, unlike pop music, is not aimed at the general public and wide commercial profit. Its main difference from pop music is that it is based on folk traditions and is primarily created from the motivation to preserve these traditions. Nevertheless, some of its directions have their clearly commercial forms, however, this refers more likely to the fusion of folk and popular music. One of the first commercial styles of folk music was folk rivevl (English folk revival).
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