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Dance - Pop - (English dance-pop) is a style of electronic dance music and a subgenre of pop music that evolved from the post-disco era, circa 1981, and combined dance rhythms with pop, house and / or song structure with a modern rhythm n-blues. Appeared in the mid-80s, this style was a reflection of composers' attempts to express the potential of pop music using new electronic instruments.
Examples of pop dance compositions include Bananarama's Love In The First Degree, Kylie Minogue's I Should Be So Lucky, and Gina Tee's One Of Us and others.
As the term “disco” began to go out of fashion by the late 1970s and early 1980s, other terms appeared to describe disco-based music, such as “post-disco”, “club”, “dance” or “ dance pop. " These genres were, in fact, a more modern version of disco music, known as post-disco, which was usually more experimental, electronic, and often using sequencers and synthesizers.
Dance pop usually contains a few notable features, listed below:
■ Fast paced
■ Optimistic music designed for clubs with a dance character
■ Catchy songs with a light pop-based structure
■ Strong emphasis on drums
■ Outstanding hooks
■ Simple Lyrics
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