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Easy Listening
Easy listening  -  is a term in pop music that encompasses different styles, common to which are simple, easy and catchy melodies, performed, as a rule, to the accompaniment of a pop orchestra: it is no coincidence that many compositions of “easy music” are instrumental famous hits. The term is actually used when marketing such music (for example, via the radio format, departments of music stores).
The “Golden Age” of light music can be considered the 1950s and 70s, when the industry of orchestral music and traditional populations flourished. Unlike the previous musical generation, the new orchestras of the 1950s. emphasized not on jazz, but on the classical principles of arrangement. Among the most popular and innovative performers are the orchestras of Percy Feith, Jackie Gleason, Ray Conniff, Paul Moriah, Bert Kempert, James Last, Herb Alpert, Anthony Ventura, Boston Pops; from singers: Frank Sinatra, Peri Como, Andy Williams, Engelbert Humperdinck, Barry Manilow, Dean Martin; from pianists: Ronnie Aldrich, Floyd Kreimer, Bradley Joseph, Richard Klaiderman, Horst Jankowski; from guitarists: Chet Atkins, Francis Goyu, Paul Woods.
Large radio stations in many countries had their own orchestras, performing instrumental arrangements of popular hits, which are undoubtedly light music.
The term “lounge” often intersects with light music, which is characterized by jazz influence, improvisation and chamberness.
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