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Cloud Rap - is a hip-hop micro genre. Usually characterized by “foggy” and lo-fi sound.

The innovator of the genre is the producer of Clams Casino, who created the first tracks in this direction in 2010. The sound of cloud rap can be described as “foggy,” the tracks often contain “ethereal” (thin and light) vocal samples, the aesthetics of bedroom producers (English bedroom- bedroom). In a 2010 article, Walker Chambliss suggested that the term was invented by music journalist Noz during an interview with rapper Lil Bruen, but this interview did not actually include this phrase. It was noted that cloud rap artists use “vocal samples” to create a “surreal” and “mystical” sound. According to Nicos Amarca of Highsnobiety, the genre was originally defined using “meaningless catchphrases from Twitter” as a parody and at the same time praise the Internet culture from which the genre originated. Amarca also believed that Yung Lean changed cloud rap with his “melancholy and dreamy rap”, giving direction for the further development of the genre. According to FACT Magazine, the genre includes "almost any lo-fi," foggy rap "striving to be seen online." The genre went mainstream with the debut of A$AP Rocky in 2011. Cloud rap has become popular in the blogosphere, but its general interest has weakened.

Significant releases in the genre are mixtape Live. Love ASAP and Long's debut album. Live ASAP American rapper A$AP Rocky, who gained popularity among critics and the audience. Walker Chambliss, also known as Walkmasterflex, released 3 Years Ahead: The Cloud Rap Tape, which FACT described as defining for the entire genre.
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