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Black Metal
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Black Metal (Engl. Black metal; "black metal"; Norwegian. Svartmetall), or simply black music style, one of the extreme directions of metal.
The genre originated in the 1980s as an offshoot of thrash metal. The pioneers of black are considered to be the English group Venom and the Swedish Bathory.
The style got its name from the Black Metal album, released by Venom in 1982. The genre was finally formed in the early 1990s by the efforts of the Norwegian “black circle” groups, which included some members of Mayhem, Burzum, Darkthrone, Immortal, Emperor.

Proto-black (English proto-black metal) or classic black (although true- and raw-black-metal are often called classical) - black metal in its original form, which has not yet completely separated from thrash or heavy metal (as was the case with the Mercyful Fate band). Blast-bit is not traced in all compositions. Vocals, with the exception of Bathory, are not too high. Followers of this direction, for example, the American groups Acheron or Absu, in addition to the thrash component, also used more modern death metal elements. Currently, almost never occurs.

True black metal (Engl. True black metal - “correct”, “true black metal”) is the most radical, “pure” direction of black metal. Texts on such topics as anti-Christianity, nihilism, Satanism, devil worship, Luciferianism, occultism, misanthropy can be considered ideologically correct in labor black. The main thing in tru-black is the theme of songs, and only then is the musical component, therefore music, as a rule, is simple, sometimes even extreme primitivistic, although there are also bands with high performing skills playing tru-black with a rather complex structure, for example , Deathspell Omega, Merrimack, Ondskapt. The conditional subspecies of tru-black is raw black metal (English raw), where the compositions are recorded on one track without streams, in extremely low quality.

Some believe that this was a kind of protest against death metal bands, which at that time began to use bright multi-colored album art. Some musicians, in particular, performing true black black, still use this style of design. Albums of other groups usually have atmospheric or provocative covers. Some often depict a forest, natural or fantasy landscapes (for example, Filosofem Burzum and In the Nightside Eclipse Emperor), various mythological characters. Quite often, on the covers you can see the works of the early 20th century Norwegian artist Theodor Kittelsen [4], especially from his book Svartedauen (Black Death). Other covers bear a variety of images of Baphomet, pentagrams, inverted crosses and blasphemous defamatory interpretations on Christian themes (for example, In Sorte Diaboli Dimmu Borgir and Fuck Me Jesus Marduk), Nazi symbols (for example, the Unchrist Nokturnal Mortum) are less common.

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