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Acid House
Acid house (English acid house) (in the lane with the English - “acid warehouse”, from “acid” and the Warehouse club) - electronic music style that belongs to the category of house music. The acid house first appeared in the mid-1980s when Chicago-based musicians DJ Pierre, Adonis, Kate Williams (better known as Farley Jackmaster Funk) and others began mixing house style elements with heavy music and bass parts played on a Roland TB- synthesizer 303. At the beginning, acid house was primarily a Chicago phenomenon, but then it was picked up by the British, who played this music at dance parties in 1986-1987. Acid House gained wide popularity at the famous Summer of Love festival, which was held in the summer of 1988. Records M / A / R / R / S, S’Express and Technotronic, recorded in this style, instantly rose to the first positions in the British charts. The emblem of those events is a yellow emoticon. From other directions, this one is distinguished by an abundance of trip synthesizer sounds, as well as a deeper psychedelic sound. A very important factor is the almost complete lack of vocals.
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