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The history of the Angellios radio brand will introduce history since 2010, when the first Internet radio Radiothoma launched in the city of Dnipro was created in Ukraine, in a very short time the radio began to stream more than 108 genres of music 24/7, the main servers were located in major European cities , there were many servers, in less than one year the radio became the largest in Ukraine and Russia, and broadcast not only to the territory of Ukraine but also to the European market, which made it international, at the time of an active advertising campaign, the radio audience began to grow and came to the mark more than 1.5 million listeners per month and this figure began to grow, broadcast geography began to expand. Following this, we decided to create separate audio channels that were engaged in the promotion of rock musicians, this was done by the composer and producer Angellios himself.

in 2014, angellios created the first Ukrainian rock platform for rock musicians Rockcity.com.ua, it was also a news music resource with its own radio channel, and music television broadcasts from TV channels such as MTV Rock, MTV Dance, MTV Hits Mtv Russia and others.

2015 - the closure of Radiothoma. due to the political situation in Ukraine in 2014, the radio was closed in 2015, and the broadcast of the choice of the chief director was stopped forever! a couple of years later the music platform was also closed!

2020 - in May, the radio began work on the restoration of the radio but already under the name of the composer Angellios.

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