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Texas Blues
According to the history of the development of the blues of the State of the Lonely Star, one can trace the path of the whole genre as a whole: from acoustic pre-war music to roaring blues-rock guitars.
Perhaps the oldest musicians of this genre can be considered Blind Lemon Jefferson, Manse Lipscomb, Blind Willie Johnson, Alger "Texas" Alexander, those who have the characteristic Texas musical style and are heard even by beginner blues lovers. Texas swing blues is famous not only for guitarists, the piano school has developed in parallel.
The most popular pianists at that time were: Floyd Dixon, Ivory Joe Hunter and Robert Shaw. Despite the growing electric music, there were still acoustic guitar adherents in Texas, musicians who continued the tradition of Blind Lemon Jefferson, Mance Lipscomb and others. The brightest, most famous and original in the State of the Lonely Star, one of the most important blues troubadours in the history of the genre was Sam Lightnin 'Hopkins.
The current Texas scene is more associated with followers of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Often these are tough and swift trios of musicians, sometimes unsteady about musicality, in return for high-speed guitar playing. But this condition is, in fact, diluted by the presence of old-school musicians, followers of a more swinging game, as well as younger musicians playing their music: Tutu Jones, Anson Funderburgh & The Rockets, Omar And The Howlers, Smokin 'Joe Kubek & B'nois King (although in this case, there was a noticeable influence of blues rock).
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