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Soul Blues
In the late 50s, significant changes took place in many areas of black music. It turned out that a partial fusion of blues, gospel vocal groups and other forms of black music was reflected in the emergence of a generalized rhythm and blues genre. In parallel with the rapid growth in popularity of these musical trends, the spheres of activity of record companies expanded. Of particular note is the growing interest in gospel music: many performers made them very passionate and expressive, while many groups used instrumental accompaniment. Some of the gospel artists combined their technique with the blues technique, sometimes making small changes to the lyrics. Soul music is largely due to this synthesis of styles. Perhaps one of the most modern forms of blues is soul blues, which has absorbed various styles of black popular music in order to turn into an independent genre. Musicians who were not satisfied with the standard framework of ordinary blues forms found an interesting combination of blues proper with the southern style of soul music, which corresponded much more to their creative approach to blues music. Soul Blues combines the best of these two directions and is sometimes complemented by R'n'B elements.
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