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Progressive Metal
Progressive metal - metal substyle. This genre is based on progressive rock and includes complex compositional structures, bizarre musical dimensions and an intriguing technique of playing musical instruments. The high level of professionalism of musicians is often combined with the lyrical in the form of conceptual epic texts, the result of which are rather long songs and conceptual albums.

In 1993, the Dream Theater with the song “Pull Me Under” (from 1992 Images and Words) also gained worldwide popularity.

European academic music has also had a very significant impact on the entire progressive metal genre. Bands such as Symphony X and Spock's Beard successfully mix this style with the complexity and grandeur inherent in baroque and classical pieces, which ultimately led to the emergence of a new style of Neoclassical Metal. In addition, projects such as the Liquid Tension Experiment (created by Dream Theater members) and groups like Planet X (the project of the former Dream Theater keyboardist Derek Shirinyan) have a jazz effect with polymetric rhythms and variable / mixed meters, characteristic of jazz / rock harmony and phrasing

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