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Piano Blues
Piano Blues - is a term that describes the various subgenres of blues, which are structured around the piano as the main musical instrument.
Although blues is usually associated with playing the guitar, the history of the genre also knows southerly-blues pianists. Some, like Skip James, played both guitar and piano: his “Little Cow And Calf Is Gonna Die Blues” is typical of his manner with “broken” rhythms and unusual phrasing. For many southern bluesmen, playing the piano was quite natural. The nuances and flexibility inherent in blues are relatively easy to convey with a guitar; the blues pianist can reproduce the blues ornament only by “crushing” the key (striking them differently) and creating the blues rhythm using syncopy and clearly accentuated rhythmic phrases. Perhaps the style of piano blues is partly derived from ragtime; the “cabaret” style, as well as the music played in the bars and saloons of the logging camps and cities of the south, shows a resemblance to improvised ragtime. "Chain'em Down" Blind Leroy Garnett'a or "Barrel House Man" Texas pianist Will Ezell'a demonstrate this connection. The word "kabatsky" was used as a synonym for the words "coarse" and "raw" (undeveloped), as in "Low Down Barrel House Blues" and as the stage name of several blues artists (Nolan Welch, Buck McFarland, Bukka White)
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