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Organ music (Eng. Organ repertoire, French. Musique d'orgue, German. Orgelmusik) - music intended for performance on the organ solo or accompanied by any other musical instruments.
Since the wind organ is one of the oldest musical instruments in the entire history of world culture, the number of works written for it exceeds that for any other musical instrument.
The repertoire wealth of organ music is also explained by the important fact that for many centuries the organ has been the main (and often the only) musical instrument that has been very actively used in church and liturgical practice in almost all countries of Western Europe and North America.
Organ (lat. Organum) - a wind-musical instrument, the largest type of musical instrument.
Due to its size, a wide range of sound frequencies, rich timbres and an abundance of musical and performing means, the organ takes the first place among all musical instruments and is rightly called the “king of instruments”.
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