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Neurofunk  - a subgenre of the drum and bass genre, the hallmark of which is increased attention to the sharpness of sound, is achieved due to sawtooth, the so-called "Chewing" bass.
This style was founded by such musicians as Ed Rush, Optical, Matrix and Ryme Tyme in 1997-1998 in London. It developed under the influence of numerous musical genres - techno, house, jazz. Their influence was felt in the use of harmonious logical and rhythmic constructions of sharp sounds (stabs) in the bass line, which in turn were supported by high-tech drum loops with inverse elements on the substrate. At the same time, the main influence has always been classical funk, with its darkest and heaviest psychedelic forms. An early stage neurofunk prototype can be heard in the 1998 Ed Rush & Optical mix on BBC Radio 1. This was the most creative period of the first wave of producers, which determined the sound characteristic of the style.
In 1999 and 2000, the Scottish project Konflict from Glasgow ruled the ball. They gave the sound and structure of the style a tougher and even darker form with a strong influence of techno in the foreground. Konflict's main contribution to the development of the genre is that they set new standards for the next generation of producers of the 21st century.
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