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Mathcore - rhythmically complex and dissonant style of metalcore. It originates in the work of the groups Converge, Botch and The Dillinger Escape Plan. The term matcor is used by analogy with mat rock. Both the matcor and mat rock use non-standard clock sizes. Mat rock bands such as Slint, Don Caballero, Shellac and Drive Like Jehu had some influence on the matcor, although it is closer to the metalcore. Some prominent matcor groups (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Some Girls, Daughters) are associated with grindcore.  In the 1990s, many groups, now described as matkor, were referred to as noiskor. In particular, Kevin Stewart-Panko, editor of Terrorizer magazine, groups such as Neurosis, Deadguy, Cave In, Today Is the Day, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, Coalesce, Candiria and Botch referred to the term `` noisy ''

Consequently, chaotic hardcore is a definition suitable for teams that played broken experimental metalcore in the 90s. Mathcore, in turn, is metalcore / hardcore, developed into a different, jazz-influenced and more combed chaotic sound.
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