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K-POP -  (an abbreviation from the English Korean pop) is a musical genre that originated in South Korea and incorporates elements of Western electro-pop, hip-hop, dance music and modern rhythm and blues. Appearing originally as a musical genre, K-pop has turned into a massive music subculture with millions of fans among young people around the world.
According to the author of the American music magazine Rolling Stone, K-pop is "a mixture of fashionable Western music and high-energy Japanese pop" and "hunts for the heads of listeners with the help of repetitive" hookers ", sometimes in English." K-pop "follows the line of mixing styles, combines both singing and rap and makes a special emphasis on action and powerful visual effects." Although in Korea itself, this term can be understood to mean almost any direction of Korean pop music, outside the country, key pop refers exclusively to music performed by so-called idols, similar in concept to Japanese idols, performed in a mixture of the above genres .

The BBC describes Korean pop groups Super Junior and Wonder Girls as "superbly produced bands of sweet boys and girls with flexible dances and catchy tunes." Clips in this genre are always unusually colorful and support catchy rhythms of songs, and vocal parts are diverse, with a strong influence of hip-hop. All this is emphasized by the vivid image of the musicians and the pomp and theatricality of concert performances. Dancing is an integral part of key pop, during the performance of singers and singers often synchronize the dance with singing, making the performance more catchy and resembling in this the western boy bands of the 90s ..
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