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Japan Rock
J-Rock (Japanese rock) -  is a generic name for rock music styles common in Japan. Often confused with Visual kei, which is wrong, since the second is a subgenre of the first. Often used to denote all the rock directions of Japan as a whole, but the J-metal, J-punk and J-ska notations for Japanese groups of these directions are also sometimes popular. A subgenre embracing the characteristics of Japanese metal bands. The most common groups are power and neoclassical metal. Unlike modern metal bands (nu metal, modern metal, alternative metal), which mainly adhere to Visual kei, power / neoclassical metal bands have a more European sound, which had a significant impact on their popularity. The most famous in these two genres were the bands Concerto Moon and Galneryus. The guitarists of these groups are also famous in Europe and America.
Groups of more extreme classical styles are less known and widespread, primarily due to the strong popularity of the visual kei scene, although black metal bands Sigh and GallHammer are widely known among admirers of this direction.
Since this musical genre is part of Japanese culture and, along with the J-pop, is used in the OST anime, J-Rock has become very popular among fans of anime and manga, as well as Japanese culture as a whole. As a result, Japanese rock groups are frequent guests at anime conventions in the USA. In addition to Japan, the largest fan groups are in Russia, the USA, Spain and France.
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