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Hip-hop (Eng. Hip hop) - a cultural trend that originated among the working class of New York November 12, 1974. DJ Afrika Bambaataa was the first to identify the five pillars of hip-hop culture: emcing (Eng. MCing), DJing (Eng. DJing) , breaking (English breaking), graffiti (English graffiti writing), and knowledge (a certain philosophy). Other elements include beatboxing, hip hop fashion and slang.
Having arisen in the South Bronx, in the 1980s hip-hop became a part of youth culture in many countries of the world. Since the late 1990s, hip-hop has gradually turned into a part of the music industry from a street underground with a sharp social orientation, and by the middle of the first decade of this century, the subculture has become “fashionable,” “mainstream.” However, despite this, many hip-hop figures still continue its “main line” - protest against inequality and injustice, opposition to those in power.

Currently, hip-hop is one of the most commercially successful types of modern entertainment music and is stylistically represented by many trends within the genre.
Very often the terms “hip-hop” and “rap” are used as synonyms, which is not correct. Rap - "recitative performance of verses to rhythmic music", which can be used not only by hip-hop artists, but also by representatives of other genres - modern rhythm and blues, pop music, rapcore, nu-metal, ragamuffin; at the same time, there are alternative hip-hop artists who do not use vocals in their recordings. Having emerged as a kind of spoken word style, rap has turned into a real art with many faces. So, rappers Twista and Busta Rhymes perform super-fast recitative, and Ghostface Killah turns their rhymes into real puzzles, incomprehensible to an unprepared listener.
The term "hip-hop" is defined as a combination of two words - "hip" (cheers) and "hop" (jump).
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