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Flute -  is the common name for a number of wind instruments from the woodwind group. It is one of the most ancient musical instruments in origin. Unlike other wind instruments, the flute sounds are formed as a result of cutting the air flow on the edge, instead of using the tongue. A flute musician is commonly referred to as a flute player.
Pan flute (panflute) (eng. Panflute) - a class of woodwind instruments, a multi-barrel flute consisting of several (2 or more) hollow tubes of various lengths. The lower ends of the tubes are closed, the upper ones are open.
The name of Pan's flute comes from the name of the ancient Greek god Pan, whose attribute was a similar instrument; The original Greek name is Syringa.
The oldest form of flute, apparently, is a whistle. Gradually, finger holes began to cut through the whistle tubes, turning a simple whistle into a whistle flute, on which it was already possible to perform musical works. The first archaeological finds of the flute date back to 35-40 thousand years BC, so the flute is one of the oldest musical instruments.
A longitudinal flute was known in Egypt five thousand years ago, and it remains the main wind instrument in the entire Middle East. In Europe it was widespread in the XV-XVII centuries. A longitudinal flute having 5-6 finger holes and capable of octave blowing provides a complete musical scale, individual intervals within which can vary, forming different modes by crossing fingers, closing the holes halfway, and changing the direction and strength of breathing. Nowadays it is rarely used in the performance of ancient music.
A transverse flute with 5-6 finger holes was known in China at least 3 thousand years ago, and in India and Japan, more than two thousand years ago
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