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Flamenco (Spanish flamenco) - a traditional music and dance style originating from Andalusia (Spain); it is a fusion of musical accompaniment, singing and dance. The style is represented by several dozen varieties (more than 50). Flamenco dances and songs, as a rule, are accompanied by a guitar and percussion: rhythmic clapping, playing on a percussion box (cajon); sometimes castanets.
The origins of flamenco should be sought back in the Moorish musical culture. Gypsy music also significantly influenced this style - many consider it to be the main, true bearers of the style of the Spanish gypsies. In the 15th century, gypsies arrived in Spain from a crumbling Byzantium, settled along the southern coast of the country in the province of Andalusia; according to their custom, they began to adopt and rethink local musical traditions, such as Moorish, Jewish, and proper Spanish; and from this fusion of musical traditions, first rethought by the gypsies and then by the Spaniards, flamenco was born.
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