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Drum & Bass
Drum and Bass  - is an electronic music genre that originated from rave and old school jungle in England in the early 1990s.
Initially, drum and bass emerged as an offshoot of the British breakbeat, jungle and rave scene, when musicians began to mix bass from ragga with accelerated breakbeat from hip-hop. It is believed that there is no significant difference between the terms “drum and bass” and “jungle”. Some call the jungle old records of the first half of the 90s, and consider drum and bass to be a significantly evolved jungle with new post-textual elements. Others, for brevity, use the term jungle to mean the ragga-jungle, the characteristic subgenre of jungle music.

Drum and bass is a frequent guest on computer and video game soundtracks. Often compositions in this genre can be heard in car simulators, fighting games and 3D-shooters. One of the most significant manifestations of drum and bass in games was the fictional radio station “MSX FM” in the 3D-action Grand Theft Auto III. The name of the station, as well as its repertoire, comes from one of the most famous and oldest drum and base labels Moving Shadow (the year the game was released coincided with the celebration of the decade of the label, so the Roman numeral X was added to the abbreviation MS).
Also recently, pop music has begun to use some elements of drum and bass, but in a different manner. Examples are Puretone and Girls Aloud. The genre often appears on TV and in commercials.

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