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The grindcore (also known as the “grind” in English. Grindcore) is an extreme direction of rock music, which initially arose as a result of mixing crust punk and thrashcore. Also, a certain role was played by influence from the metal. The name comes from the word English. grind- "grind" (due to the sound built on atonal riffs, "grinding", "with a rattle" moving from one to another).

The songs of the grindcore are extremely difficult to grasp by an unprepared listener, far from extreme metal and hardcore. For an untrained listener, the grindcore belongs to noise rather than music.
Songs are usually short in length, often less than a minute. The most striking representative is the Scum album of Napalm Death, in which the songs are mostly shorter than a minute, and there are record numbers of 5 and 6 seconds, where essentially 2 seconds is silence after the song itself.
The theme of the songs varies depending on the direction of the grind:
Punk-style socially oriented songs, which usually describe social, environmental, and political issues, promote the ideas of anarchy, anti-capitalism, feminism, pacifism, resistance to discrimination, anti-fascism - grindcore, crust grind, powervayolens.
And also about all the other things, which, in generally accepted music, it would simply be impossible to sing - other directions of grind.
Basically, albums of grind groups are about thirty songs long (often the number of songs reaches one hundred), a record lasting less than 30 minutes, with short and ultra-fast, non-melodic songs.
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