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Deathcore (Eng. "Deathcore") - the direction of extreme metal, which is a merger of death metal with metalcore and / or hardcore. Deathcore often uses death metal riffs and blast beats and hardcore breakdowns.
The death metal’s speed and severity, as well as its chromatic muffled riffs and dissonance, have been influenced by modern death metal. The deathcore often uses traditional growling and screaming. You can characterize deathcore by the presence of breakdowns, which are similar to those used in metalcore.
Despite the fact that the first mixture of death metal and crossover thrash was played by Repulsion from Michigan, the New York death metal veterans Suffocation, as well as Dying Fetus from Maryland, were among the first to focus on breakdowns in their music. In addition, death metal strongly influenced the straight edge hardcore punks Earth Crisis and bands such as Converge and Hatebreed. Before the deathcore became popular, bands such as Abscess and Unseen Terror used the term to describe a hybrid of hardcore and death metal. Also, the German group Blood in 1986 released a demo record "Deathcore", and in 1987 some members of the aforementioned group Blood formed another group, and used the word "Deathcore" as the name.
The deathcore is most popular in the southwestern states of the USA, especially in Arizona and California, where many famous groups have appeared, and various festivals are often held.
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