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Country Blues
Country blues (Country Blues, also known as folk blues (folk blues or folk blues), rural blues (village blues), backwoods blues (provincial blues), downhome blues (provincial blues) - archaic acoustic blues, based on rural musical folklore of the black population of the United States, in contrast to the classical blues, which had a predominantly urban existence and therefore was also called big city blues (literally, the blues of a big city).

The guitar brought by black slaves from Mexico became the favorite instrument of country-blues musicians. Also often used are violin, banjo, harmonica, less often for large dimensions the piano is used.
The texts of the first country-blues compositions told about the life of simple black slaves, gradually the theme of the songs expanded. At the same time, music became more complicated, more instruments were used, and songs became longer. Country blues musicians initially had a difficult fate. In search of money, they were forced to lead a wandering lifestyle, often pursued by the owners of farms and plantations, playing dances or picnics.
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