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Christian Rock
Christian rock is a type of rock music dedicated to the theme of Christianity. Christian rock bands sing songs about God, faith, and soul, and usually consist of church Christians. Christian rock stands out exclusively according to the texts, it does not have its own musical characteristics and can be performed in the most diverse styles of rock music. Highlight Christian classical rock, Christian metal (white metal), Christian hardcore.
Early rock and roll and rhythm and blues were performed mainly by black musicians, among whom there were many believers. However, the frivolous texts of rock and roll and the defiant behavior of the performers initially aroused hostility among the clergy and parishioners. Flirting of later rockers with occult mysticism, alcohol, drugs, the theme of suicide and overt sexuality exacerbated the original antagonism. There is a scandal that erupted in the press after John Lennon's joke that "The Beatles are more popular than Jesus." Since 1984, the Cornerstone Festival, the largest festival of Christian rock, has been held. Among the famous contemporary Christian rock bands are Skillet, Creed, P.O.D., Pillar, Delirious ?, Crash Test Dummies, 12 Stones, Red, The Letter Black, Cradle of God.
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