Spotify Launches New 'Billions Club' Playlist Featuring Billie Eilish, Drake & More: Exclusive

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Spotify Launches New 'Billions Club' Playlist Featuring Billie Eilish, Drake & More: Exclusive

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Published in News · 18 June 2021
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Wondering which artists have joined Spotify's Billion Streams Club? Wonder no more. Billboard can exclusively announce that the streaming service is launching its "Billions Club" playlist on Thursday (June 17).

According to Spotify, the new playlist -- which currently features more than 150 songs -- highlights the megahits that have surpassed the one billion streams mark. Included on the new playlist are Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy," Drake's "God's Plan," J Balvin's "Mi Gente," and many, many others.

"Spotify has long celebrated artist milestones and we wanted to find a unique way to honor the artists and songs fans can't stop listening to," Ashley Graver, Global Head of Creative Artist Partnerships, tells Billboard. "The Billions Club playlist is a natural evolution of the plaques you have seen from multiple artists, and we are excited to give fans a one-stop destination to enjoy some of the most streamed songs in the world."

Also in celebration of the newly rounded up collection of songs, Spotify created a video sharing how various artists have reveled when learning of the milestone and receiving their One Billion Streams plaque from the streamer.

Prior to the launch of the "Billions Club" playlist, some artists have marked hitting the billion streams achievement by doing more than just showing off their shiny new plaques on social media. Several have literally eaten off the platter-shaped badge of honor: Halsey dug into some Cheetos and candy, Joe Jonas dined on some McDonald's, and Quavo ate some scrambled eggs and waffles with plenty of syrup, for example. (See more in our gallery.)

Spotify has been busy this year launching new features beyond the just announced "Billions Club" playlist. In April, the streaming service started adding some livestream events to artist pages, and in late May, partnered with Driift for tickets to a virtual concert series.

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